Welcome to Mattebella Vineyards, our small family farm located on the North Fork of Long Island, New York. We are dedicated to making wines of the highest quality that pair well with a wide variety of food and afford great value. We are committed to a cleaner, healthier, environmentally-friendly method of farming; Our sustainable practices combined with hand crafted winemaking allow us to consistently produce wines that reflect the exceptional terroir. It is our hope that you experience the same joy drinking and sharing our wines as our family has in bringing them to you.

Our Philosophy

At Mattebella Vineyards, we are committed to making old world-style wines that pair well with a wide-variety of food and afford great value. We are dedicated to a cleaner, environmentally-friendly form of farming and use only healthy, traditional vineyard practices and winemaking techniques to ensure that our wines reflect the exceptional terroir of the North Fork of Long Island. We only hope that you experience the same joy drinking and sharing our wines as we have in bringing them to you.

Our Vineyard Practices

Mattebella Vineyards is a small family farm, located in the State of New York’s oldest town, Southold (established in 1640), on the eastern end of Long Island. Our single vineyard is a gently sloping 22 acre parcel of land located on the Main Road (Route 25 on the North Fork of Long Island). Our vineyard has predominantly European clones of grape varietals, tight spacing (6×3), and low vigor rootstock.

The crafting of our wines begins in the Vineyard. At Mattebella Vineyards we do things the old fashion way, by hand. We do not use mechanical harvesters or leaf removal equipment. Fine wines are difficult to make consistently if mechanized harvesters and other machines are introduced into the process. Machines simply cannot execute our commitment to quality and make the decisions we consistently must make throughout the growing season. Our hand crafting includes fruit thinning to ensure even ripening and higher quality concentrated juice, leaf pulling, weed removal, pruning, canopy management and, importantly, hand harvesting of all our fruit.

Mattebella Vineyards is committed to using sustainable viticulturural  practices, while incorporating as many organic practices as possible into our farming methods. We seek to find new solutions to old problems by maximizing the health of the vineyard. In committing to a healthy, responsible approach, we hope to make a footprint in your memory but not on the environment.

Some of the vineyard practices that are used at Mattebella include:

- using biodiesel fuel to run all of its tractors
- relying solely on under the row tilling to eliminate the use of all herbicides
- using organic fertilizers
- using fish emulsion and kelp for foliar feeding
- using either organically approved fungicides or those considered “low impact” by experts
-  using naturally occurring plants as a cover crop to increase the biodiversity of the vineyard

Our goal is not just to create an environment in the vineyard which is as natural as possible, but to make wines where customers can taste the difference.


At Mattebella Vineyards, we believe that great wines are made in the vineyard and the role of the winemaker is more akin to that of a sheppard than that of a magician.  The North Fork of Long Island enjoys an exceptional terroir and we embrace it with every winemaking decision we make.  All viticulture and winemaking efforts are closely coordinated.  Our wines are made using time tested, traditional winemaking techniques and, therefore, there is minimal tinkering and reliable quality.

To fully understand the nuances of Mattebella Vineyards’ diverse clone and rootstock planting, we hand harvest each clone with care and separate them into small lots.  This enables us to better understand the flavor profiles and other important components available in our vineyard so they can be consistently used as tools to make the best possible wines.

All of our wines are made at a state-of-the-art custom crush facility, Premium Wine Group (PWG), located only a few miles from our family farm.  We utilize some of the highest quality and most advanced winemaking equipment in North America.  The process begins with delicate pressing of our fruit utilizing a Europress (a fine bladder press from Europe); this minimizes the extraction of negative phenolic compounds from the skins and seeds (thereby avoiding resulting bitterness) and allows retention of a more delicate, livelier fruit and acidity.  With our red wines, we engage in punch down fermentations by hand for quality extraction of tannins and other important components.

Mattebella Vineyards’ commitment to quality over quantity is transparent in the wines we make.  Our family hopes that you experience as much pleasure in drinking and sharing our wines as we do in making them for you.

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