Masi is a company that belongs to the Venetian regions "through history, vocation and business choice." Its products and its activities express those Venetian values that can be found throughout the territory and belonged to the Serenissima Venetian Republic for almost a thousand years.

An enlightened management decision has made Masi synonymous with the area of the Triveneto and its culture in every aspect, including that of wine growing.

Masi is proud to be an ambassador of this culture and these values all over the world.

Le Venezie (the Venetian regions) are the location for an acknowledged and internationally famous thousand-year-old way of life.
The history of Masi is the history of a family and its vineyards in Verona, part of the Veneto. The name itself derives from the Vaio dei Masi, the small valley purchased at the end of the XVIII century by the Boscaini family, still its owners today. 
Masi now has lands in the best terroir sites of the Venetian regions with vineyards and historic estates. Since 1973, Masi has collaborated with the Conti Serego Alighieri family, descendants of the poet Dante, on their estates in Valpolicella. More recently, a collaboration has been launched with the Conti Bossi Fedrigotti family, who have always made wine with passion and skill in Trentino. Both agreements are part of an ambitious project aiming to rediscover the lustre of the farming and winemaking traditions of the nobility from the Venetian area.

The typical inhabitant of the Veneto has firm links to the roots of his family and his homeland. He, or she, is a determined and skilled worker, always open to new experiences and work practices, exploring new lands and improving his or her skills.

Masi, directed today by Sandro Boscaini, is a family company dating back seven generations. Its strength lies in its highly motivated and highly skilled staff, loyal to the company, working in the disciplines of marketing, viticulture and winemaking. They work together in the Technical Group, whose goal it is to preserve and bring up to date the viticultural and winemaking inheritance of the Venetian regions. Masi staff are ambassadors for their homeland all over the world.

The Venetian regions have always been ideal for viticulture, thanks to the huge variety of historically recognised terroir sites.
Masi has selected the best vineyard sites in foothill and hillside locations, paying particular attention to the development of single vineyard, or cru, wines which express the excellence of individual high quality vineyard sites and consequently have their own unique characteristics.

Viticulture is an integral part of the thousand-year-old inheritance of the Venetian regions. Masi's viticultural expertise comes out through the professionalism and skill of its working practices, uniting the experience passed down by tradition with the knowledge acquired from modern research.

Particular attention is given to the selection of vineyard sites and to preserving the inheritance of native grapes and winemaking techniques from the Venetian area.

Expert winemaking, which can be found widely throughout the Venetian regions, has its roots in a traditional legacy comprising: ideal vineyards, native grapes and traditional vinification techniques.

Masi has always striven to develop these factors and has a particular expertise in the Appassimento technique, which is traditionally used in the Venetian regions to concentrate aromas and tastes in a wine. The technique produces wines which are unique and majestic, like Amarone, which Masi makes in the widest and most expertly produced range available on the international market.

The dedication and creativity of Venetians has always been well suited to the marriage of traditional values with the modern.
Masi's mission statement is the production of quality wines, using grapes and methods native to the Venetian regions, with constant technological updates. The Masi Technical Group, which is dedicated to research and experimentation in collaboration with prestigious institutes and universities, has contributed to the development of winemaking practices in this region in a valuable way. In particular, it has helped rewrite the history of Appassimento, by creating a new category of wines from the Venetian with Campofiorin, and a modernised style of Amarone that has found international success. It has also been a pioneer in the rediscovery and use of high quality secondary Veronese grapes that had been abandoned for many decades: Oseleta, above all.

The thousand-year-old Serenissima Venetian Republic made the Venetian regions a place where East met West and an enlightened centre for the sciences, literature, art and commerce. Today this tradition continues as the people of the Venetian regions draw strength from their identity and interact with the peoples of the world, exporting their goods, their culture and their values internationally.
Through its products and its company members, Masi and its cultural Foundation, promote Venetian culture and the culture of wine to the whole world.

The Venetian regions are lands of colour, sounds and tastes, recognisable in nature and art, expressed in a particular way of life.
Masi has always interpreted these characteristics of its homeland faithfully and marries tradition with innovation to transform the products of the vine into products for life.


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