In 1996, captivated by the Vallée de l’Agly and its stunning landscapes, the two brothers took the plunge and rented an estate by the name of Mas Janeil, with land spread between Maury and Tautavel. The old Grenache vines of this estate very quickly showed all their potential as well as their diff erent characteristics. As the Mas Janeil vineyard straddles a geological fault, there is a wide variety of diff erent types of soil. At the foot of the Château de Quéribus, the soil is essentially composed of limestone and granite, whereas the “Pas de la Mule” land features considerable shale. After ten years of tax farming, François eventually bought Mas Janeil in 2008. He built a new wine storehouse on this site and partially reinstalled an old irrigation system. The production alternates between “single-terroir” and blended wines.

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