Marten Brewing Co. is Vernon BC’s very first Brewpub. Every drop of Marten beer, uses only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our raw materials are sourced as locally as possible, with all of our malt traveling a mere 15-20 mins from Armstrong BC, our hops mainly grown throughout the province, and not to mention that pristine Kalamalka lake water. We have all the most premium ingredients right here at home! Visitors can see the brewery from any seat in the pub, and can even see Head Brewer Joe in action on brew days.

Marten Brewing Co. was founded by partners in life team, Stefan & Pearl Marten, long time Vernon residents. “We had the opportunity to take our concept anywhere in the province however, what we had seen in Vernon is, that this is a town with the yearning of more mature, sociable, cultural spaces, and damn, Vernon loves a good beer!”

The brewery has been creating more and more Community favorites by Joe Strickland (Head Brewer), Stefan Buhl (Braumeister) and the brew team. Quickly making Vernon into a growler filling town! Some excellent favs that have mentioned to been dreamt about, whilst they were off tap, are the hugely popular Tick Tock Dunkel Bock (created by Joe) and the Autumn Spiced Hefe Weizen (created by Stefan) to mention a couple.

Our focus at the Marten Brewpub is; First we make great beers using only the 4 “purist” ingredients and from there we will can go on an adventure with flavors and additives.

So join us at the Marten Brewpub & Grill. Enjoy the atmosphere, have a beer, dive into some great eats and tell us more about what beers your palate loves! Maybe it will be our next brew!

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