The name for Magnolia Court Wines was inspired by the gracious living and comfortable shade the regal and stately Magnolia tree provides. Our Magnolia Court Wines are intended to offer the wine-loving consumer elegant, well-made wines from various appellations along California’s Central Coast. They represent the kind of gracious and comfortable living that a good, distinctive bottle of wine can bring to one’s life.

Each Magnolia Court wine is intended to stand alone as a balanced, pleasant sipping wine demonstrating varietal character, or a food wine, crafted with just enough natural acidity and structure to stand up to a hearty meal. Please join us in raising a glass of our Magnolia Court Wines to you; a wine lover who enjoys an unpretentious bottle of wine, while still relying on wine to make living just that much more gracious.

We invite you to enjoy Magnolia Court wines. They are our open invitation for you to explore our backyard.

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