What is Love Cork Screw (LCS) Entertainment?

LCS Entertainment, LLC is a wine and lifestyle brand dedicated to offer consumers wine, entertainment, and other products and services. LCS Entertainment, LLC provides consumers a line of Love Cork Screw wine varietals that offer the sophisticated and novice wine enthusiasts a range of choices for any palate. Each sleek wine bottle is colorful, whimsical and fun. Additionally, LCS Entertainment offers a new product: two types of Scented Candles, each with a unique name that serves as the perfect complement to have a full LCS Entertainment experience. Our products seek to accentuate the five senses – titillate the palate, stimulate the tactile, arouse the aural and the aroma, packaged in an aesthetic that appeals to the wine novice and intrigues the sophisticated wine lover. LCS Entertainment, LLC is a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and a WBE (Women Business Enterprise).

The Founder of Love Cork Screw

Success in today’s marketplace is often defined by a person’s ability to create something new while simultaneously paying homage to elements that are classic. While this is certainly no easy task, Chrishon Lampley’s journey has allowed her to embody this paradox into a beautiful tapestry that has become her flourishing brand.

Lampley is a vintner, wine enthusiast and founder of LCS Entertainment, LLC that features Love Cork Screw wines. Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand that launched six varietals in the fourth quarter of 2013. Since its inception, the LCS brand has acquired over 45 locations including, Mariano’s, Whole Foods and other Chicago land area stores, restaurants and bars. This rapid expansion is attributed to Lampley’s 14 years’ of experience in the industry, which has given her leverage to develop a keen awareness of what people enjoy and what the market is missing. A large portion of her knowledge was gained from years of owning a popular art lounge in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood.

As of 2016, LCS Entertainment, LLC is a licensed wholesaler and importer. Additionally, Love Cork Screw is now distributed in Texas. Lampley has a platform to mentor young women and budding entrepreneurs who can benefit from her lessons and her success. She gives her time and resources greatly to nonprofit organizations and she is an avid member and supporter of the YWCA Chicago and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,Inc.

The Wines of Love Cork Screw

The grapes for Love Cork Screw wines are carefully selected from various vineyards to give complexity, balance, and intensity of flavors that make Love Cork Screw varietals the selection of choice for many. 

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