Loughlin Vineyards is the closest Long Island vineyard to New York City. The vineyard is 6 acres and produces a generous harvest of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay grapes. The yearly harvest yields about 1000 cases of dry and sweet wines. Loughlin Vineyards first harvest was in 1985. Since then, Loughlin Vineyards has produced one of Long Island's finest tasting red, white and blush wines, sure to compliment anyone's taste. The vineyard is family owned and operated. It is located on the grounds of the historical Meadow Croft estate located on South Main Street in Sayville, New York in the middle of the Suffolk County Sans Souci Lake Nature Preserve, which divides Sayville on the west from Bayport on the east. You can walk along the wooded trail through the nature preserve and stop at the vineyard tasting room. As one of the major Long Island homesteads of the famous Roosevelt family which has figured so prominently in American public life, Meadow Croft carries special historical associations.

When you enter, you will immediately be greeted by tall marsh grass and the sprawling mansion.

As you pass to the right of the estate, you will travel on a dirt road which opens up to the vineyard and tasting room. This is the signature year for Loughlin Vineyards. Not only is it our 25th anniversary of our first harvest, but we are proud to announce the opening of our own processing facility. Now, all of our wines are estate grown and bottled in Sayville.

The Loughlin Family will gladly share their knowledge of local history along with a selection of fine tastings from the vineyard. 2010 offers an exciting and new adventure for Loughlin Vineyards. Come enjoy the serenity and out of the ordinary vineyard experience. We can't wait to welcome you!

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