The story of Lock Street Brewing Company starts in 1824 when ‘game changers’ of the time started work on the First Welland Canal.  People with vision and the ability to bring stakeholders and community members together for the greater good created a new form of network.  The Welland Canal not only connected people and commerce but also new and transformational views; ideas to build a better future.

The first three canals were built through Port Dalhousie and in 1845, Lock 1 for the second canal was opened, setting the stage for the construction of the Wellington Hotel.  By the 1850s, leaders and game-changers were enjoying Fresh Lager at 15 Lock Street.

Today the Wellington at Port hosts only artisan and healthy, active lifestyle brands.  Lock Street Brewing Company is ready to offer a ‘new normal’ of quality and experience.

At you’ll learn more about the community-oriented ‘craft’ brewery where you can enjoy their products and share stories amongst friends.

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