Genuine cider making is one of the great traditions of the region of Asturias, and has been carried on through the centuries since the original Celtic civilization. Valverán cider contribute to the enhancing of this tradition. The variety and uniqueness of our beverage enrich it, and we also complete it with an innovative new product.

Valverán was established more than a decade ago. Then, our idea was to make rather exclusive cider, a cider with distinction. The opportunity was there in the market, and we wanted to develop the kind of product that did not then exist in Spain. It was in this spirit that the making of the ice cider 20 Manzanas began.

The idea was fascinating, and by dint of hard work, discipline and innovation, we have achieved our object. There were many years of very hard work, but we have undoubtedly achieved what we set out to do. We make a cider that is distinct, that surprise your palate with its excellence, and that is very difficult to copy.  Ten years later, we consider the results satisfactory – “20 Manzanas”  have character and personality. I am pleased to be able to say that no-one who tries them can remain indifferent to the fascinating experience.

During this time, our aim has been to produce quality, not necessarily quantity. We emphasize careful selection of the best materials, and pay great attention to the most minor details in development and improvement of sustainable manufacturing methods. This has been the philosophy of Masaveu Bodegas for more than fifty years, and will be, we hope, for many years to come!

Should you not have tried our products yet, I urge you to do so. Having said that, I thank you for your attention and hope you will enjoy your visit to our Website.

Cordially yours, 

José Masaveu Herrero,

Managing Director of Masaveu Cellars.

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