About the Winery / Lidio Carraro

Inspired by the search for identity and excellence of Brazilian wine and committed to develop only premium and top premium wines.

Lidio Carraro Boutique Winery entered the market breaking paradigms. With a Purist philosophy and rescue the essence and integrity of the wine, the whole process of Lidio Carraro is conducted with minimal interference and maximum respect to the natural expression of the grape and terroir of origin, developing unique wines which reflect the ‘Pure Wine’ concept thatrequires much knowledge, sensitivity and only the best row material.

Lidio Carraro is a pioneer in the country to deploy an integrated vineyard management and winemaking, which begins with a careful study of clones and soil mapping, strict production control, until receipt by gravity and grape wine of great wines without the use of wood.

The attention to each detail of the preparation process allows wines rich in complexity, structure and balance.

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