Founded in the 18th century , the Licorne brewery is a familycompany whose know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. It was owned by a succession of families, the Ebeners, Schweickhardts, Gerbers, Beckers and Webers.


After several years in the hands of the Ebener family, it was taken over by the Schweickhardts. At that time the brewery was a long, one-storey building right in the centre of Saverne.


The three brewers, Henri Schweickhardt, his son and his son-in-law breathed new life into the brewery. The brewing skills of the older generation and the motivation of the younger generation came together to develop a successful brewery. The premises became too small and the brewery moved to a new site in Rue de Dettwiller in Saverne, where it remains today.


A new brewhouse was built. Throughout the 20th century, production grew at a steady and substantial rate, except during the war years.


The brewery was taken over by German brewing group Karlsberg, one of Europe's biggest drinks manufacturers. The brewery was then propelled onto the international stage, but retained all its specific know-how and traditions, inherited from a long history at the heart of French and Alsatian brewing.


The brewery, formerly known as the Brasserie de Saverne now became the Brasserie Licorne, borrowing the town's emblem as a tribute to its roots and decades of local history.


The brewery began to sell its products beyond its home region and even internationally, but it has not forgotten its origins and it is still brewing Alsatian beers. Today it employs just over 160 people, who put all their skills and dedication into producing a series of outstanding beers.

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