Licorna WineHouse este conceptul prin care ne manifestăm dragostea curtenitoare pentru iubitorii de vin. Mai mult decât poveste, scoatem în prim-plan puritatea și excelența vinurilor realizate cu grijă în ediții limitate. Dacă Licorna este întruchiparea perfecțiunii, atunci și noi la crama suntem în căutarea acesteia, prin vin. 
Produse într-un areal de basm, vinurile noastre provin din plantații de vie înclinate sud-estic, unde cantitatea de struguri de pe butuc este atent supravegheată. Niciun detaliu în miraculosul drum de la strugure la vin nu este lăsat la voia întâmplării, chiar dacă acest proces de transformare este unul cu adevarat magic. 

The Cellars, in their present aspect, were reopened in 2013, but the history of the place goes back long before Licorna wines appeared. Over 100 years ago, a local family, Nicolae Nicolau and wife Elena decided to build a cellar on this very spot after the husband had a dream in which 16th century Romanian ruler Constantin Brancoveanu ordered him to make a wine as black in colour as the cockerel in his backyard. Well, the black wine requested by the Prince is still made in the area and the fairytale cellars go by the name of Licorna Winehouse. Now an integral part of the Licorna Winehouse complex, the original manor of the Nicolau family was the place where each year’s wines were matured and aged. The majestic house was built between 1907-1909 by Italian stone masons who shared their art with the local craftsmen. If stones could speak, they would have stories to tell and many a wine craft secret would be brought to light. Today, in the very same cellar, the wine is matured in 80 barriques of different oak species, as well as in 3 large 2000 L and 3000 L wooden barrels which lend the red wine its cherished velvety feel. The unique qualities that our terroir lends to the wines are a mix of several factors: grape varieties perfectly adapted to the favourability of the soil, the imprint of each year’s climate and of the vineyard manager, and not least important, the winemaker’s final touches. At Licorna Winehouse, wines are born out of the craftsmanship and perseverance of the whole team. We offer wine tours and tastings for private events and team buildings.

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