Situated between the Mediterranean and the Alps, in the heart of Provence - the painters' paradise as portrayed by Van Gogh and Cézanne, LES QUATRE TOURS has been producing a palette of superb wines, rich and  generous as the colours of the south of France for over a century. 

Renowned for the quality of its wines and the consistency of its production, LES QUATRE TOURS is today one of the reference producers carrying the Aix-en-Provence label. 

A passion for wine 

Their names are Agnès, Marius, Francis or Fred, they own a few hundred square metres, one or ten hectares, they are farmers, country folk, doctors or engineers and they all send their grapes to the QUATRE TOURS to be made into a wine that, like them, has soul.  

Wine makers from generation to generation, or passionate neo-country people, they work withQUATRE TOURS because they share its philosophy. They are intent on the human values of sharingand solidarity. Through their motivation to produce quality wine they have forged a tradition of rigour anddiscipline in the management of their vineyards. Patiently, sharing their experience, they have acquired in-depth knowledge of their vineyards and the soil, in order that it gives its best. Today they are acutely aware that everything depends on the vineyard, and that nothing should ever be taken for granted.

Their greatest reward? The deep pleasure enjoyed by those who share a bottle of QUATRE TOURS in their homes.

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