The leftbank annex brings a sleek and well-coordinated event infrastructure to the raw, industrial ethic of a pre-war building. Through a skeleton of timber, concrete, brick, and steel, you’ll find large projectable surfaces, controlled lighting, superb access, and outstanding electrical infrastructure. You have the flexibility to transform the space into anything you can imagine, or to leave its authentic raw backdrop. The possibilities are endless.

The leftbank annex is an extension of the leftbank project, which was created to provide work space for Portland’s mission-focused community. Since leftbank’s inception, we’ve hosted many notable events, including Oregon Manifest and T:BA. The overwhelming reception of these events inspired us to conceive of the dedicated event venue that is the leftbank annex.

In its past, the leftbank annex was a machine shop for WWII airplane parts that grew, literally, into the home of its previous owner, the eccentric inventor Dean Child. Read more on the history here.

In August 2010, the Portland Business Journal named the leftbank annex one of the Top 25 Meeting Facilities.

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