Opening the winery Le Casematte, which was founded in 2008, was the realization of a dream for accountant Gianfranco Sabbatino. Today that dream is shared with another person. Footballer Andrea Barzagli, a wine and winemaking enthusiast, has also “taken to the field.”

Gianfranco discovered the world of wine by chance, or perhaps it was fate.
“Twenty years ago I began to work in an industry – the winemaking industry – by chance, which was a thousand miles away from my own profession. But, over time, a desire to make the most of those many years of professional experience grew, eventually turning into a passion – into something of my own that finally became concrete a few years ago. After much research, I finally found in Le Casematte a real reason for justifying what has marked a life choice for me. Thus, Le Casematte, was created around the three casemates found on the property – a legacy of times that are, thankfully, long gone. Here vineyards and the cantina continue on, and I like to think of mine as a small business with solid walls and a foundation that is as deeply rooted in the land as the roots of the vines.”  

This small, bold company that runs on its own two feet with passion and determination fully reflects that philosophy of “getting things done” that characterizes its founders. Gianfranco Sabbatino is from Messina and wants to lay claim to his land, Sicily, and promote a healthy culture in the hopes that he can ambitiously add a new piece to the patchwork quilt of an active network of skilled businesses. 

After all, the company has a strong local identity as it can be found on the northern hills of the city of Messina in Faro Superiore. It is not only a commercial endeavor but includes a longstanding history with the vines that have produced wine since ancient times. That history is being updated for modern times, bringing with it signs of previous centuries as it meets new the new needs of winemaking. 

Gianfranco and Andrea’s story is one of passion and of love for the fruit of the vines; a story of men, work and respect for nature. 

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