Culinary creativity that is continually reinventing itself. Open to the world, but firmly rooted in the regions of Quebec. A cuisine that emphasizes simplicity and a respect for regional products.

In Cooking As In Life Staying True To Yourself Is The Key

We instigate a gourmet experience that stimulates all the senses, with only one aim in mind: pure pleasure. Authentic, simple and creative. While Laurie Raphaël is constantly evolving, our values have always remained the same.

Chef Daniel Vézina’s Passion Inspires His Brigade

Chef, Restaurateur, Teacher, TV and radio Host, Author, Philanthropist and father. While Daniel Vézina has earned his status as a culinary legend, his true secret is his devotion to pleasing his guests. These characteristics are what inspire him to create cuisine that is passionate and reflect Quebec’s regional flavours.

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