Today, Franz Wilhelm Langguth Erben makes and markets a comprehensive product programme geared to market trends and designed to meet a wide range of consumer needs.

In addition to the Franz Wilhelm Langguth Erben brand, the wine range features wines from another German winery renowned for its tradition, namely H. Sichel Söhne.

This successful programme is complemented by an exciting range of spirits from Berliner BärenSiegel. The Langguth family also has interests in several of the world’s major wine-growing regions, where its involvement as a wine-grower actively contributes to the quality of wines produced.

In other wine regions, the company cooperates with selected local wine-growers, who combine a commitment to the same high quality standards with in-depth expertise on local wine-growing conditions.

Over the years, this set-up has nurtured a strong mutual trust – the best guarantee for wines of unchanging high quality.

Behind this quality concept is a team of experienced Langguth wine experts, who continuously monitor production, whether in faraway Tunisia or at home in the Mosel valley.

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