In 2007 we opened a small onsite brewery at our resort and began brewing two styles of beer, ‘Cream Ale’ and ‘Country Brown’.  Due to their popularity we continued brewing our original two beers but added several different styles to our line up.  Until this fall these beers were only available at our restaurants ‘The Inn’ and ‘The Miller House’.

On labour day weekend of 2016 we moved our production from the resort to a location just down the road in Glenora  (11369 Loyalist Parkway).  We now have a larger manufacturing site, a bottle shop, a beer garden and a taproom.

For the first time ever we can offer our customers our product to take home.  Our beers are as always available onsite, at our two restaurants as well as a few other select establishments.

We continue the tradition of small batch, quality beer production using well sourced local and international ingredients.


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