The "La Mannella" farm, owned by the Cortonesi family, covers a surface of 56 hectars, 8 of which especially devoted to the production of "Brunello di Montalcino", 2 to olive trees, and the remaining ones occupied by pasture and forest. Its wine-making activity started at the beginning of the seventies, and its wineyeards are placed in one of the most valuable areas of the region, both north and south-east from Montalcino. It is a young company, in fact their first bottled vintage is from 1990. It is strictly a family business. And works according to the tradition, employing also modern technologies, that help enhancing the quality of the products made. The favourable location of its wineyards, and the rocky soil where they are planted, all contribute to the making of a deep and elegant Brunello, suited also for a long ageing. Alongisde the Brunello, the firm sells Rosso di Montalcino and Grappa di Brunello, made from distilling the fermented pomace. The Farm has also two apartments, in the "Poggiarelli" area, available for lodging purposes.

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