The strong and recognizable terroir, through an exceptional performer that only the Sangiovese can be for Montalcino, has always been the impulse that drives the production of Brunello by La Fiorita.

The current owners are Natalie Oliveros and Roberto Cipresso and from the beginning the company worked on the discovering of parcels of land characterized by a particular richness of soil and climatic profile in order to make vineyards based on its own production philosophy , with special selections of clones of Sangiovese planted at high density.

The vineyards currently in production were planted in the second half of the ‘90s; they are the vineyards of “Poggio al Sole” and “Pian Bossolino”, two very different personalities marked out by a different soil, altitude and exposition. The project of a new vineyard, located at Podere Giardinello, makes even more rich and complex the variety of grapes available for future productions; the parcel is situated on the western side of Montalcino and the territory is completely different from the previous ones.

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