Let’s get this straight – To Øl is what people call a gypsy brewery (or pirate/nomad/contract/gold digger brewery – whatever suits your fancy). Basically this means we don’t own our own brewing facilities but lend in at other breweries with spare capacity. Being gypsy is a trust bound marriage with the production facility. The relationship is built on experience, mutual understanding and a shared passion for quality and product development. Producing at breweries we have a long history with ensures consistency in the product. Producing at breweries we have no experience with becomes eye opening and helps develop new approaches. We aim for a nice mix of these two. So – if you want to visit the To Øl brewery, it is not because we are impolite snobs that we decline your inquiry.

However, should you find yourself in Copenhagen, To Øl’s brewpub BRUS is located in the heart of Nørrebro, streets away from where the first test batches of To Øl were cooked up. Here we brew a wide range of fresh, rustique, zesty brews served straight from the tanks, and it is here that you are more than welcome to taste and tour all you like!

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