The brewery is a family style restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. Our Bar is open 7 days a week from 11:00a.m. daily.  Always on tap are eight flavorful beers: American Pilsner, a light beer with a mild malt flavor, Huckleberry Wheat, brewed with local berries, American Pale Ale, flavorful ale with mild hop flavor, IPA, an ale with a full hop flavor, and Porter, a bold dark ale. Scottish Ale and Rye Pale Ale.  We have seasonal, special brews on tap that vary during the year including: Imperial IPA & Red Winter Ale, Hoptic Blast, Summer Blonde, with more to come.  All of our beer is brewed with locally grown North Idaho Hops, fresh Selkirk Mountain creek water, and local malt barley when available. The restaurant serves burgers/sandwhiches, wraps,  salads, and fish & chips for lunch. There will always be a daily special. Beer cheese soup is served every day as well as a soup de jour. The brewery accommodates summer beer garden events with B-B-Q and music, as well as seasonal parties and family gatherings.

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