Meet our Head Brewmaster, Donovan Lane. He grew up in and around Portland Maine and like a lot of people, his passion for brewing began with home brewing. He says, “Well, it actually started with my dad getting me a home brew kit, nothing fancy just some buckets and dry yeast, but that was all it took to get me hooked.”

After finishing school at University of Southern Maine a college friend, knowing that Donovan was an avid home brewer, told him he was starting a brewery. Donovan jumped at the chance to put his Chemistry degree to use. The brewery was small, housed in an old garage that they had renovated. While in principle it was the same it was a big departure from the five gallon carboys he had been fermenting in his basement.  “However,” Donovan states, “it was and is just as much fun, maybe more, than that first batch of home brew.”

Donovan came to San Diego from Funky Bow Brewery and we are excited to introduce him to San Diego Craft Beer scene. His favorite type of beer to brew and drink is a stout unless it’s over 100 degrees then he’ll go with a Saison.

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