KLEIN / HARRIS is an independent restaurant concept, inspired from the diverse bounty that Canada has to offer. Located in downtown Calgary on Stephen Avenue, KLEIN / HARRIS highlights the stories of passionate Canadian producers with the use of exceptional products and ingredients. Working with a long list of national heroes that make True North Cuisine possible, Executive Chef James Waters focuses on distinct coast-to-coast Canadiana dishes; a culinary journey that begins in the West to eventually end on the East Coast, highlighting ingredients like wild seasonal mushrooms from British Columbia and fresh notable oysters from The Maritimes.

Partner and cocktail curator Christina Mah offers an elevated libation program that features both tried and true Canadian creations like the Tiki Horse made with distilled Alberta Dark Horse Whiskey & B.C. Rootbeer Bittered Sling Extracts alongside venerable classics like The Vancouver circa 1950. Both partners take an honest and humble approach to what they do best, fuelled by a shared passion for what authentic Canadian ingredients and techniques have to offer. 

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