King’s Court Estate Winery is a seven-generation, family-owned and operated winery situated in Southern Ontario, with its roots in Germany. Ours is a family that loves making wine and loves making people smile when they taste our wine. Our superb selection of Ontario wines is available to you to enjoy all year long.

Of course, the appeal of a Southern Ontario winery is its prime location. Geographically, this area in Southern Ontario is in the centre of the northern band of the world’s wine belt which is 30 to 50 degrees north or south of the equator. The premier growing regions of Southern Ontario are known as Niagara Peninsula, Prince Edward County and Lake Erie North Shore.

Southern Ontario itself, has a unique microclimate that nurtures and protects its 17 ,000 acres of vineyards during the fall & winter months. The climate in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario is moderated by the Great Lakes. By storing heat in the summer and releasing it to the atmosphere in the winter, these Southern Ontario lakes act as buffers which create circular air flow on the vineyards, preventing too much moisture from settling on the vines.

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