At Kent of Inglewood, we believe that people are allowed to be themselves. Many things are best done the old way, as we value tools and goods that perform their job well and last a lifetime. Everyone should have an excellent axe, a stiff cocktail, and a perfect shave.

Kent of Inglewood is a 100-year-old store that opened its doors in 2014. Our passion is classic shaving, cocktails, axes, and all things fantastic. Every chair should be adorned with ram's heads and every bowtie tied by hand.

Our goal is to provide you with a better life experience. Whether bearded, shaven, or otherwise, we would like you to enjoy what you do. For many, that is shaving with a brush and a proper razor. The mission our staff are tasked with is to find the right gear for you as an individual. If you prefer to keep your proud facial hair, we can help you find the right oil or wax.

Gentlefolk drink gin; ruffians drink bourbon. We like both.

At the end of the day, it’s the little things that make you truly happy: a Manhattan measured with gold, a polishing of the shoes, or wood chopped by your own hands. Whatever your little moments may be, we are here for you. Stay groomed, gentlepeople.

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