Craft With Love

We are a winery that focuses on harnessing the character of the great people around us. While there are three generations of Tullochs on the estate (Keith, his father Harry and son Alisdair), the input of our knowledgeable and hardworking team is essential from grape to glass.

It only takes a moment with our winemaker Joel or wine club manager Emma-Jane to realise that they are as obsessed with crafting great wine as we are, and delivering new, interesting tastes to the people who visit us.

Working as a family owned and operated winery means that on any given day we will get our hands dirty in the vineyard, or spend hours analysing barrel samples. Sometimes we are in the Cellar Door showing new people what we do, and at other times we are overseas learning how the most iconic wines in the world are made. No matter where the team are or what we're doing, we always focus on the very finest of quality whilst leaving space to be a bit crazy and have some fun.  

Be Inspired

Winemakers Keith and Joel both have international winemaking experience; Keith in the Rhone Valley, France and Joel in Sonoma, California. We learn from some of the most iconic creators of Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz in the world so that we can deliver the very best in the bottle.

The winemaking focus of Keith Tulloch Wine has always been to combine learned techniques from the great French producers with character of the local Hunter Valley. We are constantly sampling new wines from premier wine regions across the world to open our eyes to as much of the wine world as we can. 

Show Local Pride

We love our Hunter Valley. We know that this area is capable of creating world-class wine in a number of varieties, with Hunter Valley Semillon already regarded highly around the world. Our estate on Hermitage Road is the ultimate testament to our ethos; combining the finesse of French winemaking technique and style with deep-rooted love for local character. Sitting in the centre of our Block 1 Shiraz, the Keith Tulloch Wine estate allows you to enjoy one of our seated tastings on the balcony overlooking swathes of vineyard, watching the nearby Brokenback Mountains bask in the sun. Retreat to the on-site restaurtant 'Muse Kitchen' to enjoy our wine with the combination of their critically-acclaimed Eurocentric menu, sourced of course from home-grown and locally produced ingredients.   

Keep That Bottle!

Our estate labels are a guarantee of cellaring potential. The wines we create are likely to hit their best drinking in 5, 10 or 20+ years (depending on the wine), so whilst drinking young isn't frowned upon, keeping that Shiraz, Chardonnay or Semillon for longer will unleash it's true potential. The way we craft wine is exacting, expensive and exhausting, but living with these bottles and watching the wine blossom over decades is the ultimate reward. It's what we love and what we do. 

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