The Winery

Albert Kallfelz leads the renowned family winery in the third generation. “From the idealists for individualists” - the philosophy that aptly can not formulate the thoughts and actions of Albert Kallfelz.He built the first small family business into a handsome, successful winery by his passion and vision.

The estate now comprises some 49 hectares of vineyards and is one of the best wineries in Germany. Many gears mesh in such an operation.Albert Kallfelz can rely on his staff, the whole team is Kallfelz with a lot of idealism and commitment to the success of the winery.


Early 80s was the parental estate that now serves as a wine cellar to the current headquarters in the main street extended. Through the acquisition of district-owned Teaching and Research Institute “Sonneck” in 1990, including operating buildings and vines, the foundation for modern winemaking technology was laid. From now on, can also be fermented temperature-controlled. The cooling systems were then gradually expanded to all the barrels.


2007 again an important step was made in order to optimize the quality of the steep slopes Rieslings.The investment in a new wine station and simultaneous paging in the permanent establishment “Sonneck”. This offers plenty of space for successful work, grapes and mash are treated more gently now. Flavors get more focused and reliable after controlled and cooled maceration in the wine.

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