In 2001 Aurelio Montes, sr. winemaker and founding partner of Viña Montes in Chile, visited Mendoza in Argentina. He was immediately seduced and impressed by its people, terroir, viticulture and enology, and excited by the opportunity to both learn from and contribute his own experience to a wine industry open to innovation. He saw the tremendous potential of the region and of Argentinean wines around the world.

After further exploratory trips, Kaiken was founded in 2002.

Like the Caiquenes (wild geese) that fly over Patagonia between Argentina and Chile, Montes decided to cross the Andes Mountains which separate the two countries. The aim was clear: to make great wines by combining the exceptional conditions of the Mendoza region with the talents of professionals from Argentina and Chile. Wines that show the best of both sides of the Andes.


The origin of our name is the Caiquen, these hardy birds usually inhabit the cold, dry plains of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, where snow and frost prevail for much of the year. They migrate northward when the extreme cold of winter approaches. Caiquenes are very social and gather in groups or large flocks, especially when flying over the mountains. 

Like the Caiquenes, the Montes team crossed the Andes with the intention of learning, experimenting, and forming a team of professionals whose innovative spirit and dedication to excellence would produce great wines.

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