Just Beer's big sister, Just Wine is designed exclusively for wine enthusiasts like you and it’s loaded with great features to improve your wine experience:

- Quickly search, rate and share thousands of wines from your phone or desktop
- Keep track of what’s in your wine cellar with pictures and detailed descriptions
- Record every wine experience with an easy-to-use quick entry system
- Discover new wines from around the world
- Learn more about wine tasting and food pairing
- Find local wine events


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Search & Review Wines

Leave the pen and paper at home! Create tailor-made tasting notes about your favourite and not so favourite wines with clear descriptions of what qualities to look for and take note of.

Keep a visual record of your own personal collections with one simple click of your smartphone’s camera. You’ll never forget what wine to buy because your notes will be with you on your phone, 24 hours a day!

Discover New Favorite Wines

Just Wine’s database has tens of thousands of credible and accurate wine records available to search and share. See what others are saying about your favourite wine and get suggested recommendations for new wines based on your personal tasting history (it’s all about algorithms — behind the scenes stuff!)

Our Just Winexperts love to show off, so follow our blog for winecdotes and odd-ball food pairings (Doritos and Zinfandel anyone?).

Appreciate Wine

If you’re new to wine, we can help you understand the sometimes complicated world of fermented grape juice. From varietals (grapes) to acidity (that mouth watering sensation) to wine that smells like mouldy cardboard (your wine is off, don’t drink it) — Just Wine will teach you the basics so you’ll look and feel like an expert!

If you’re already a wine expert, Just Wine is an essential tool for keeping your tasting notes and catalogues. Share your expert reviews with other Just Wine lovers, and if you blog — let us share it! With hundreds of new users downloading the app every day, your wine-ology expertise will go viral like Botrytis!

Find Local Wine Events

This one is pretty self explanatory...find local wine events! Find out what’s going on in your city and try something new — wine tastings are always a great night out with friends and family. And if you’re an on-the-go traveling wine lover, check out the wine events in your destination city and discover a whole new world of wine! Easily add the event to your smartphone’s calendar and share it with your friends so they can join you too!

Just Wine partners with the finest bars, restaurants, wineries and retailers from around the world!