We are driven by agriculture, plain and simple, more precisely “agro-ecology”. We respect nature, the earth and the men who walk upon it.

We work each day to protect and develop the bio-diversity and the fertility of the soils, in order to produce unique wines reflecting the character of their terroirs.

In expressing the originality and uniqueness of place, thanks to a viticulture which is artisanal and sincere, we seek elegance and purity of fruit of the fabulous Gamay varietal, planted on granitic soil.


Originally from Burgundy, Julien Sunier worked in vineyards and cellars throughout the world for 10 years. In 2003, he chose Beaujolais and its fabulous terroirs as home.

In 2005, purchased an old farm, “La Ferme des Noisetiers”, in the charming village of Avenas. The farm is made up of 14 acres at the edge of the forest and at 750 meters in altitude, overlooks the crus of Beaujolais.

In 2008, Julien founded his own winery, making a long-time dream a reality. The first year the domaine cultivated just 4.5 acres of vines and has since grown to cover 10 acres between the three appellations of Morgon, Fleurie and Régnié, all in organic cultivation.

The Noisetiers Farm

At 750m in altitude, this 19th century farm lies between forest and meadow. It is a treasure of biodiversity and boasts an exceptional panorama overlooking the “haut Beaujolais.”

Originally, the buildings were intended uniquely for the production of cereals, but the farmers cultivated 2 acres of vines and also vinified these grapes.

In order to optimize the raising of wines, we have constructed a wooden framed winery and dug out of the ground a cave for aging the wines in wooden vats.

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