José Antonio García is a third generation winemaker from the village of Valtuille de Abajo in the Castilla y León region of Northwest Spain. Farming 75 plots of family land, this savvy oenophile has left behind his day job to return to his roots and true passion in life. From dawn until dusk, García is the attentive winemaker whose love and attention shines through in his exclusive product.

The Winery

With less than 4,000 bottles of the Aires produced in 2011, this operation has been termed as a ‘micro-bodega’. Situated in a lesser-known region, the vineyards stand beside ruins from ancient civilizations.

The Region

Located in northwestern Spain, Bierzo is set amongst a backdrop of castles, small townships and the majestic mountain view of Alta Bierzo. These wines are just as stunning as the scenery. Thanks to an enterprising group of wine makers and the introduction of more modern wine making techniques, relatively unknown varietals like Mencia and Godello are starting to gain more international attention. 

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