John's Marketplace was founded in 1923 by John Feus - a Swiss immigrant that settled in Multnomah (a settlement just South of Portland). Multnomah Village is the neighborhood today, one of many in the Portland Metro area. In 1958 the store relocated to the old power station from the Red Electric and a modern 12,000 square foot Super Market was born. John's flourished as a thriving market until the large box stores and shopping malls appeared throughout SW Portland. 

In 1990 John's was left operating as a convenience store along Multnomah Blvd. which had now long ago replaced the railroad tracks of the Red Electric. In the early 90's the second owner Jack Furman had a new formula for success. Jack put in a large wine selection and sold beer for less; much, much less. Jack began to operate the Store as a marketplace. In 1999 David Percival became the third owner of John's Marketplace. Today the old supermarket of the 50's is crammed with beer and wine from around the world, and Dave's Keg-Dog Chunks is the friendly mascot. 

The Market now boasts Portland's largest selection of beer and wine. If you are looking for a better selection, well let's just say you have a ways to go to find it! 

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