Our Philosophy

“We are diligent.  Our wines are inspired.  We believe Oregon is a special place to make wine and we believe in our vineyards.  We admire Burgundy, but we are not French and neither are our wines.  We are not certain why we do everything we do, but we can say with confidence that we love wine and feel compelled to be involved.  The work of others in this field inspires us to continue our journey to produce distinct wines.  In return we hope to inspire others with our work.

Rather than striving for stylistic preference, we seek balance and energy in our wines.  This energy is a mystery to us and we seek to both understand and harness its power.  Our observations lead us to believe this energy exists in wines that are made from organic fruit sources combined with wild fermentations with minimal intervention.  For this reason we farm our vineyards and craft our wines using organic and Biodynamic® methods.  Natural winemaking is our first priority.

We are educated in Enology, Viticulture, and International Business.  Our training is used as a tool when needed.  We work with determination, integrating our experience into the vineyard and winery to achieve harmony.  Our method of work is largely philosophically based.  Our decisions are guided by both instinct and observation.  We believe that diversity in the biological ecosystem of the vineyard and winery is essential to achieve a true expression of terroir in wine.

Terroir is our guiding principle.  We believe in letting nature take its course, but also view the dynamic of a vineyard and winery as being something that requires human involvement to form a unified system.  Our goal is to understand and sustain the unity of this system in order to create original and compelling wines with a distinct sense of place.  Our place is Johan Vineyards.”

-Dag J. Sundby, owner and Dan J. Rinke, winegrower

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