In 1830, Etienne BALDES planted his first plots of Cahors vineyards at the Clos Triguedina, having spotted the best terraces of the Lot valley.

The vineyard, partially destroyed by phylloxera in 1877, was replanted subsequently. Protected by its microclimate, it was only partially affected by the severe frosts of 1956 which threatened the entire renaissance of good Cahors wines. As a result, it has been able to preserve relatively old vines for our top-of-the-range growths.

René BALDES, a wine-grower of repute, participated in the creation of the first Cahors wine syndicate, as well as the region’s wine order. He was also the region’s most sought-after specialist in grafting the vine plants.

Jean BALDES, a passionate wine-grower and constantly in search of worthwhile innovations, installed the first stainless steel vat for Cahors AOC wines in 1976. He doubled the area of the Triguedina estate and turned in particular towards the production of fine wines (e.g. Probus).

Jean-Luc BALDES is now in charge of the estate and has taken the wines to the top level in Cahors. In 1999, he installed a modern cellar with 600 French oak barrels.

As a creative winegrower, Jean-Luc BALDES has developed a wide range of wines. It includes:

Traditional red wines from Cahors. Clos Triguedina, Prince Probus, Balmont, Domaine Labrande.

Innovative wines as the Vin de Lune range, a dry and sweet white wine, a rosé wine whose harvest is done by the light of the moon.

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