Jason’s Vineyard sits in Jamesport on the North Fork of Long Island, encompassing a 20-acre space. After studying business at the University of Hartford and obtaining two degrees, proprietor Jason Damianos received a third degree in enology at the University of California at Fresno acquiring high honors and accolades for his work. Continuing his studies, he attended the University of Bordeaux—a Mecca for wine academics—and worked in renowned regions like Medoc, Premiere Cote de Bordeaux, Loupiac and Cadiallac. With an education like this, high quality vines were inevitably in Jason’s future. One by two meter spacing between the vines and rows produces superior fruit.  The Long Island vineyard flourishes with the finest French clones of chardonnay, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and malbec.

As the Greek legend goes, Jason, the mythological hero who rallied the Argonauts and rightfully deserved the rule of Thessaly, received his education from the centaur Chiron. Known for his comprehensive intelligence in medicine and observance of social propriety, Chiron educated Jason on a variety of subjects, including the intricacies of plant life and the civilized arts. And although Jason Damianos—owner of Jason’s Vineyard—lives on Long Island in the 21st century, far from the roots of Western civilization, he shares more in common with his Greek namesake than just a moniker. 

Both of Mediterranean descent, the men hold a cultural connection that has always been apparent in the Damianos household. His parents have celebrated their lineage, paying homage to poets, gods and lore by using traditional names for all five of their children. In addition to Jason, the Damianos children are Pindar, Alethea, Alexander and Eurydice. And just as the Jason of ancient times had a mentor, Jason Damianos had the guiding hand of his father, Dr. Herodotus. Like Chiron, Herodotus, or Dr. Dan as he is known, has extensive knowledge in both medicine and agriculture; he is a licensed internist and has spent nearly 30 years growing grapes and making wine. 

Jason has perfected a Meritage blend that has received industry attention since its first vintage. A combination of merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon ages in French oak to create a complex wine filled with ripe fruit, rich tannins and a touch of earthiness. The wine possesses the virtue of versatility; it can easily be served immediately or held to mature for future drinking. Like all of the selections on Jason’s wine list, the Meritage blend reflects the thought, care and skill that appears in every bottle. 

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