Jacopo Biondi Santi comes from the famous Brunello family. In the mid 1800s, a local farmer named Clemente Santi isolated certain plantings of Sangiovese vines in order to produce a 100% varietal wine that could be aged for a considerable period of time. In 1888, Ferruccio Biondi-Santi released the first “”modern version”” of Brunello di Montalcino that was aged for over a decade in large wood barrels. Jacopo is the fifth generation in this illustrious line that has a clone of Sangiovese Grosso named after them (Brunello Biondi Santi 11 or BBS 11)

As well as this clone grows around Montalcino, it reaches it epoch in the newer region of Maremma, close to the Tuscan coast, near Grosetto. Here Jacopo works his family estate with loving care. The Castello di Montepo is a medieval fort with 500 hectares of land and about 60 hectares of vineyards. it was in this castle that Jacopo's great-grandfather first cloned and registered the first Sangiovese for Brunello.

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