Founded in 1814, J. Moreau & Fils is one of the oldest wineries in Chablis and is involved with all of the steps in the wine production process.
Long-term partnerships with growers, close monitoring of all of the stages of vine development, the choice of vineyards the grapes for future vintages will come from, meticulous checking of the condition of the grapes, modern equipment from the press to the bottling line, and a very precise vinification process allow J. Moreau & Fils to offer high-quality wines with distinctive style.
The J. Moreau & Fils style is all about putting opposites together to create seemingly paradoxical yet harmonious wines. Terroir and fruitiness. Structure and finesse. Vivacity and minerality. Ready to drink when young, but with considerable ageing potential. Subtlety and elegance and personality that is closely linked to origin.

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