There's something about wine...

When we were deciding what to call our winery we wondered; "What is it about wine that captivates us, that keeps us coming back for more, and that still interests us after all these years?"

Some people like to know where the wine comes from. Others like to know who made it or how it will change with time.  The foodies want to know what flavours they will find in their glass and how it will pair with a certain dish.

We are all intrigue by wine...

We're all intrigued about wine. It's constantly changing and evolving. That is part of the excitement and allure of winemaking.

We came together as partners out of a passion for wine.  The strength of the partnership is in the complimentary experience that each of us brings to the table.  A winemaker, an accountant, an internet entrepreneur and a business advisor.

Visit Intrige Winery for a Tasting

Make a stop at Intrigue part of your summer entertaining calendar! Our Picnic Area is open from May till October, from 10am-6pm everyday! We feature tasty jams, jellies, antipastos and other preserves as well as a variety of locally sourced and produced sausages, cheeses and more!

Join us, and bring a friend! We have ample parking available to accommodate groups of all sizes! Sit back and enjoy a glass (or bottle!) of our award winning wines just steps away from where they have been grown and produced.

The Intrige Wines Team

ROGER WONG: Roger joined the BC wine industry in 1995 after many years of making wine at home.  Tinhorn Creek provided Roger with his first taste of the industry while training him in all areas of the business.  Pinot Reach helped solidify these skills, directing not only the wine making duties, but vineyard decisions as well. Gray Monk has allowed Roger to branch out from small lot winemaking while continuing his specialty of small lots and sparkling wines. Overall, we are lucky to have such a' jack-of-all-trades" wine maker! Invaluable experience from the vineyard to the glass.

GERI DAVIS: Geri's introduction to the wine industry came in 1998 when she joined the team of Cascadia Brands, the parent company for Calona Wines, Sandhill Wines, Granville Island Brewing, International Potters and Grady Wine Marketing.  After eight years with a diverse portfolio of wine, beer and spirits, Geri transitioned to the family Estate winery of Gray Monk Cellars where she continues to work today as their company Controller.

ROSS DAVIS: Internet Entrepreneur by day and farmer by night.  Together Ross and Geri farm 6 acres in Beautiful Lake Country.

JILLIAN WONG: Diverse experiences in the finance, pharmaceutical, and now public domain, have helped Jillian pursue her interests in business consulting. Jillian's main role with Intrigue is as a sales coordinator.

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