Merging Modern Culture with Indigenous History at Indigenous World Winery

Indigenous World merges the modern culture with Indigenous history. The Indigenous first peoples of the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys located in British Columbia Canada are the Okanagan Syilx people. They have lived on and protected these lands for 1000’s of years. Robert Louie and his wife Bernice are descendants of the Syilx people and are connected to the land and its rich history.

The lands have been formed and protected over time with glacial ice, volcanic eruptions and geological events producing some of the best agricultural products in the world. It is from this environment and Indigenous culture that the concept of Indigenous World emerged. Every effort is being made to produce world class products in a respectful way to the environment, lands and its people.


Red Fox Club Restaurant at Indigenous World Winery

Red Fox Club is an Aboriginal inspired restaurant using local greenhouses, farms, cheese-makers and purveyors with a casual approach to dining. The menu is designed with Native influences and wine pairing in mind. Indulge in revolving dishes crafted for any palate from the Red Fox boards and Bison Chili to the crispy salmon fritters and Indigenous salad featuring local foraged greens.


The Indigenous World Winery People

Proprietors: Robert and Bernice Louie

Robert Louie served as the Chief of the Westbank First Nation until 2016. He and his wife Bernice are the originators of the Indigenous World concept. They are Okanagan Syilx descendants and have a strong passion for nature, the land, and the rich history and traditions of the Syilx people.

Winemaker: Jason Parkes

Jason Parkes is an incredibly gifted winemaker that has won hundreds of wine awards. Some of Jason’s wines are world renowned. Jason is an accomplished musician and is incredibly artistic and uncompromising in his passion for the wine industry. We are fortunate to have Jason as part of our team.

Chef De Cuisine: Andrea Callan

Andrea Callan brings numerous years of world class experience. When the opportunity for Indigenous World Winery and Red Fox Club came to be, she’s never looked back. Her focus and direction is to create simple, indigenous food with respect for Aboriginal history.

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