We primarily use Massachusetts-made barley, wheat, and rye malts as well as malt from farmers and maltsters around the Northeast that share our ethic of keeping it local and independent.  Most of our hops come from Massachusetts but there are some varieties that we like that simply don't grow here. So we supplement with other sources when we need to.  On average, our beers are brewed with about 80% locally sourced ingredients.  It costs us more this way, but it is worth it to keep the money local and support people who work and think like we do.  We believe in making local beer with local ingredients.  Help us fight the mono-culture: think independent, drink independent.

In early 2013, after years of amateur home brewing, we began the process of converting our barn into a small professional brewery.  In April 2014 we brewed our first professional batches of beer and started selling it to places near our home base of Plymouth, Mass.  Starting in the basement of our barn with no rent and literally low overhead was a great way to get started but was never meant to be forever. In late 2015 we moved the brewery to 127 Camelot Drive in Plymouth (near Rt 3, Exit 5) where we now also have a tap room for on site sales and a homebrew shop and fermentation studio.  

We self-distribute our beer with a focus on southeastern Massachusetts.  We package in 22 oz "bomber" bottles for the stores and in kegs for the restaurants and bars.  We currently have about 45 customers.  Please check the map on the "Find IndieFerm" page for the latest update.

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