The Inanda Club was founded at the end of 1934, on a resurgence of prosperity in the union of South Africa. The “hard years” between 1929 and 1933, in which the country had come off the gold standard, seemed to be passing and there was a spirit of optimism in the land.

In 1934, the well-to-do English-speaker had closer links with Britain. Many, if they had not been born there, had been educated at English public schools or at “Oxbridge.” The founders of the Inanda Club came from this sector of the community, and a number of those involved in its activities in the early days, were important figures in the history of that era.

The two clubs that amalgamated to form the Inanda Club were the Johannesburg Polo Club and the Rand Hunt Club. Originally situated in Langlaagte in the early 30′s, the polo players including the likes of Punch Barlow, Dr Frank Mudd, Tommy Charles and Harold Jeppe amongst others, were keen to find somewhere in Johannesburg north. As such, they found a suitable ground being auctioned at 86 British Pounds an acre and they bought it.

In June 1934, the first hunt meet was held at Inanda, leading through picturesque suburban avenues and across rolling country and on 27 November 1934, the first meeting of debenture holders was held to approve the constitution prepared by the acting committee, in terms of which the Inanda Club was officially launched.

When the rumour spread, by word of mouth, that the huntsmen and the polo players were going to amalgamate, women editors were all agog. Now that preliminary discussions had been held, the two clubs agreed on a suitable site at Inanda, a township already proclaimed but thinly settled, and seven miles from the city centre. It was decided to adopt the existing name (meaning, in Zulu, “beautiful”) as the name of the club.

The official opening of the Inanda Club took place on 27 April 1935 by the Mayor of Johannesburg, Councillor Harry Freeman and the press, as expected, waxed lyrical about the new club in so charming a setting:

“Modelled on the lines of the famous Roehampton and Hurlingham Club in London, the Inanda Club will be an institution that will combine sporting and social amenities…”

Today, the Inanda Club offers privacy and exclusivity to likeminded individuals, with a need for business, sport and social networking. Situated in the heart of a busy and vibey Sandton it is a ‘way of life’ reminiscent of country living and rural tranquility.

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