​When we met, neither of us would have expected the adventures we were in store for. Now, we could probably write a book on the hilarious things we have done together...from wild diets based on beans (ya, that was something...) to playing mixed badminton against people half our age (we're called Ancient Rally) to our favourite adventure yet, brewing!

Before we home brewed beer for the first time, we had already began with hours of research on the topic (we are information junkies), practice brewed with family brewers and built our own Brew Station for holding all of our brewing tools so that when our brew day came, we would be ready. Little did we know that brewing was going to become something we couldn't get enough of. Brewing became our date night, our daily discussions and has since been a major focus in our world.

We have always enjoyed our adventures but this one has taken the cake. Creating beer and the custom beer gear to go with it has been more fun than we could have imagined. Now, thanks to our clients gently pushing us, we are expanding into our biggest adventure yet - building our Microbrewery! 

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