Many years ago, the Jonathan, Stephen and Samantha met in the idyllic bubble of a midwestern college town. That summer, we set out on a grand adventure across the American West, pitching our tent alongside bears (!) and buffalo. Studded along our journey were numerous craft breweries, names that we'd gotten to know in our college dorms. We collected coasters, cooled our six-packs in streams near our campsites, and became a unit. There's really nothing like three guys in a two man tent to bring you closer than you've ever been. Well, Stephen and Samantha eventually got married so it must have all worked out pretty well right? 

The three finally reunited in Chicago after spending time in Philly, Portland and New York City to open Hopewell in 2016. With a nod to tradition as well as innovation (we love the future), we are committed to making the beer that we want to drink. Unpretentious, fresh, good beer. The team has grown just a bit to include a few taproom staff, delivery driver and a brand manager - we're tiny but mighty! 


The Hopewell Team

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