In our first year, we released the Hop Freshener series. It simplifies your choice of which beer to enjoy right now. Just read the name and you’ll know exactly what to expect. After all, those dank and piney notes you enjoy so much? That’s really just your nose doing its job and proof you should trust your senses.

The following year, we released the THC IPA series. These IPAs were all about exploring exciting combinations with new and experimental hops. Using hops from the US to Germany and even Australia, these beers were crafted to showcase the complimentary characteristics of each hop pairing.

Now, every two months, we release a different beer from each of the series. Six IPAs in total, each only available once a year, all crafted by The Hop Concept -- the same team of lifelong brewers behind Port Brewing Company. It’s that simple. Honest, hoppy beers, from the people who know how to make them. So slow down, inhale, and drink fresh.

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