Driven by a passion for wine and the camaraderie of family & friends, Holman Cellars was conceived. The quintessential "Garagiste" winery, Holman Cellars began as a wine project in a horse barn. As the wines resulted in resounding success, production began to grow and more varietals were vinified. 

Now, 6 years later, we have outgrown that horse stall and production has developed into a full-time passion in South Napa. Working with good friends and grapegrowers, we strive to show the uniqueness of each vineyards terroir which makes the best wines. Day to day operations are handled by the owners Helen and Jason, Jason's father Jim, and our two kids, Marina (age 4) & Duke (age 2). Punchdowns and all done movements are done with care by hand and we capitalize on wine's best friend GRAVITY! Limiting our pumping of wine ensures the wines are respected and treated with care as they move from grape to barrel to bottle and ultimately into your glass! 

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