We are a group of old friends who had worked together for many years. One afternoon we were having a beer in a brew pub and were tired from a hard day’s work…no really! We looked around and saw the fun and enjoyment that the brew-pub patrons were experiencing and, frankly, the beer was great too. One of the guys said, “…you know, we could do this!” And so it began.

After several months of market research, beer tasting, financial assessments, brewpub visiting and several bottles of Aspirin, we decided that we could make a go of it…but what to call the brewery? In looking for a name, and since the beer would be craft brewed and local, we decided that we needed to find a name that represented the local region and was easily recognizable. One day one of the guys walked in and presented a picture of a pig…well, not really a pig, more like a picture of a prize-winning hog. We all agreed that no matter what we called the brewery, we had to have the hog. In a stroke of genius…no really, it happens when you’re drinking beer…someone said “…how about Hogsback?” So began the HogsBack Brewing Company.

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