A Message from Rob Summers, Winemaker. Hester Creek Estate Winery:

I came to Hester Creek in 1996 because I was excited by the potential of this Valley, and of this estate vineyard. Our estate sits on the spectacular Golden Mile Bench of alluvial sand and gravel, and is located above the valley floor, which means we avoid vine-damaging frost in the early spring and late fall. We face east; trapped summer warmth helps flavours develop slowly. And of course, we get long hours of light in a condensed growing season.

The soil, the climate, the light . . . together they give rise to that intangible magic we call terroir.

It’s my goal to make wines that are approachable, but not simple; that are enjoyed by many, and still appreciated by those with discerning palates. What we’re aiming for, year in and year out, is consistently excellent wines that are both varietally correct, and that display the unique characteristics of this site.

We’re working with Mother Nature, so there is no formula — we can’t simply follow a recipe — but I believe we’re reaching our goals.

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