Belt is also strategically located above one of the purest sources of water. Wells tap into the Madison Formation where constant year-round temperature and quality allow Harvest Moon to use some of the most perfect water on Earth to brew beer.

Another great thing about Belt? They are located in the center of our great state, right in the middle of the grain-growers that supply our brewery with prime barley & wheat. Harvest Moon’s ties to the farming community don’t end there…after we use the grains, we supply the spent mash to a local pig farmer to feed his hogs. Hence the name, Pigs Ass Porter. Delicious by itself and, surprisingly, with barbecued ribs!

Stan Guedesse - Beer Enthusiast and one time owner of a home brew supply business in Great Falls. With 20 years of brewing experience, Stan is Harvest Moon's Master Brewer!

John Ballantyne - One time geologist and home-brewer, John runs the business side of Harvest Moon, marketing craft beers in and most recently, out of state!

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