In 1922 The Baskerville area of the Swan Valley was subdivided for viticulture and the first vines were planted in 1923.

Duncan's ancestors were an entrepreneurial lot, with one Francois Girard, owning the Sydney Hotel (1828) and another, Michael Hayes, operating one of the first illegal distilleries in Australia in 1805. Duncan grew up in Tasmania's Tamar Valley, and came to Perth in 1993 as an engineer, eventually buying the Swan Valley property at Baskerville in 1998. While working full-time, he spent every spare moment working to build his winemaker’s dream of a vineyard and wine-making facilities in the Swan valley. The winery cellar door opened in the year 2000. 

Duncan Harris owner and winemaker, makes organic wines in a range of styles; from dry white wines to very sweet liqueur ports.
We looked at using bio-dynamic products for our Swan Valley vineyard and came to the conclusion that bio-dynamics made you love your vineyard due to all the extra stirring and spraying that was required. Not to mention the petrol or diesel required to do the spraying! As we love what we do and love our vineyard and there is no scientific proof bio-dynamics works we see no need.

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